interior Photography

Great interior photography demands a lot more than sophisticated equipment. The right lighting setup, artistic framing, proper composition and the skill to find innovative angles - all these aspects play a key role in producing superb quality images. We have handled interior photography assignments extensively; from posh hotels to signature villas to renowned leisure clubs, we have worked on a gamut of hi-end properties with fantastic end results. Our professionals indeed know how to bring out the ambience and the aura of a space in the best possible way.

exterior Photography

High quality exterior shots create a powerful impression on the minds of viewers. Whether it is used in a brochure, a website or an advertising campaign, the quality of the photograph conveys a strong message about your project or property. At Dreamflix Media, we are skilled at creating striking compositions through a clear understanding of your needs and a deep sense of balance. From visually dramatic night-time captures to perfect long distance shots, we click exteriors that make your hotel, resort or real estate project truly stand out.


Jivanta Hotel Shirdi

kids Photography

Looking to turn your cute little kid into a child model? Or wish to have your child’s portrait as a cherished family treasure? Whatever your motive, a professionally created portfolio is the first step. We bring a rich basket of expertise and experience in child photography. That is why we know how challenging child photography is. Hi-end equipment alone will not suffice in capturing the innocence and charm of children; it also calls for time, patience and a very special touch. We make unique and highly creative portraits that bring out the best in your child. From newborn babies to kids and teenagers, we offer an extraordinary child photography experience.

models portfolio

In the world of haute couture, style is everything.As an aspiring designer or an emerging model, your work is identified with your style. And we bring out your distinctive style through exceptional fashion photography. A fashion photoshoot is much more than clicking pictures of models. The idea is to create a story out of the shoot; we accomplish this by working on an appropriate, interesting concept or theme. To capture beauty, emotion and expression, lighting is the key. By selecting our light carefully and choosing the best wardrobe, the ideal location and hiring the top hair styling and makeup professionals, we produce a high impact photoshoot.



Imagine one single image successfully spelling out the key features or highlights of a product, service, brand or business. That is the power of adverting photography. To achieve this impact, we bring to the table in-depth understanding of concepts such as working with layouts, tones & contrast, props, illustration, working with models, electronic flash, lighting, using daylight & reflectors and set creation. While some shoots require controlled studio settings, others may call for an outdoor shift. Whether the campaign is intended for print, outdoor, electronic or web media, we make significant value additions depending on the end application. From consumer durables to white goods and from real estate projects to luxury & lifestyle products, we have rich experience of advertising photography across all segments.

product photography

In today’s crowded, competitive marketplace, the quality of your product’s photographs plays a crucial role in influencing potential customers in making split-second buying decisions. At Dreamflix Media, we understand this consumer psyche only too well. That is why we offer exceptional product photography that makes your product stand out – whether in a newspaper or magazine advertisement, on a poster, in a catalogue or on your company website. Working in the most systematic way, we offer you a complete, hassle-free experience from planning before the shoot to editing afterwards, and all the details in between.

industrial shoot

Good industrial images aren’t a luxury. In fact, it's often the very first thing a new client notices about your business. At Dreamflix Media, we offer top-of-the-line Industrial photography services that capture your manufacturing processes, your quality practices and your people at work. Our professionals have substantial training and extensive operational experience within a wide range of industrial environments. We shoot in workshops, manufacturing plants, on construction sites, in clean rooms, in refineries, in warehouses and in repair shops. We have fine-tuned photography to an art and excel at making mundane, dirty, cluttered work places look exciting, aesthetic, modern and clean.